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Each month you’ll get access to more training plans as you progress with your kettlebell experience, keeping your metabolism fired up and losing body fat continuously
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Never be confused or unsure of the right technique. Troy walks you through the correct technique for EVERY exercise, leaving you in no doubt of the exercises effectiveness and safety!
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Ask Troy your questions directly through a “Members Only” community right within the site. A great place to speak with and be motivated by other kettlebell exercisers.
9 BONUS Interviews & Resources
Everything from a “never failed” nutrition plan to an exclusive interview with the godfather of the American kettlebell movement.
Reasons To Start Now…
  1. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABuild Core Strength For Less Pain
    Use your kettlebell with confidence and safety, for maximum results, less pain
  2. Burn More Calories & Fat
    Without needing to jog for hours, or waste time on the exercise bike (most routines are done in less than 30 minutes)
  3. Improve Flexibility
    Work muscles that rarely get worked by traditional gym workouts to create muscular balance, improving mobility and strength
  4. New Programs Every Month
    Most peoples training plans never change! Keep your metabolism fired up with new routines each and every month
  5. More Variety
    Unique workouts and exercises. An end to just boring kettlebell swings!
Who is Troy M Anderson…

troyA reformed ‘kettlebell skeptic’ Outlaw Kettlebell Coach Troy M Anderson having been raised on farm and fed a diet of  hard work and getting the job done which are still his key tenets of success.

So it only makes no-nonsense, high accessibility unconventional training tools and methods such as kettlebells, sandbags, and suspension are his chosen weapons to get clients leaner, athletes faster, and soldiers more resilient, or in other words:  to achieve optimum RESULTS with minimum waste.

Other Stuff You Should Know About Troy:

  • Coaching Live clients with kettlebells – 2003
  • Providing Continuing Education Seminars since 2007
  • Creator of Alpha Kettlebell Fat Loss Certification

Other Training Programs Created By Troy:

  • Adventure Race
  • Dual Threat Synergy Domination
  • Metabolic Overdrive
Praise For Troy and the Alpha Kettlebell System
GuyBedardTestI use to be a marathon runner and thin as a rail.

I stopped running due to injuries in the knee area.

I kept on eating like I was running however. Well the pounds packed on. I went from 155 pounds to 209 pounds.

I found Meltdown and joined immediately and purchased the program. Although I had DVDs on using the kettlebell I wanted a program that
was specific to weight loss and an ongoing program. Alpha Kettlebell was it.

I started using Alpha Kettlebell and joined the Transformation contest and began to loose weight and feeling even better.

I learned from him that I was performing some of the drills incorrectly at first. I was set straight and on my way to further kettlebell drills and more weight loss.


Guy Bedard

Former Marathon Runner Get His Lean Body Loses
21lbs and 7 1/2″ from Waist in Just 8 Weeks!

LorriTestFirst and foremost I want to thank Troy and Josh for doing this contest. Without it I would still be “floundering” around wondering what to do next.

I was very new to kettlebells, but the bug bit me big time.

I purchased the Alpha Kettlebell Transformation when it came out in Feb.

I was using a 7lb bell thinking that would be “heavy” enough.

Well, we all know that’s not true!! I was quickly going out and buying the next size up about every other week!

I am about to go into a 35lb bell!

(Thanks Troy for the encouragement and giving me the confidence of knowing I can use it!)

By March, I was no longer going to the gym to workout.

I was so thrilled not to have to use a cardio machine – my most dreaded exercise machine!

I could get an intense workout done in 30 minutes at home and still have time to spare!

When the contest came out it was just the thing I needed. I was beginning to get that “why am I exercising” mentality – a dangerous place to be – it gave me a goal to work towards.

I had a reason for doing my training even when I didn’t feel like it. Being accountable to others is a very powerful motivator.

By the middle of the contest I was getting compliments on how great I looked from both guys and gals. Now if that isn’t an ego
booster, I don’t know what is.

I was actually getting muscle definition and – wait – are those actually Abs I see??

And those live sessions on Friday – it was something I looked forward to as a great way to end a hectic week at work and start off feeling energized for the weekend.

I also liked the fact that Troy was doing the workout right along with us – getting “smoked”, too! He made it feel like we were working out with a friend not an instructor.

I don’t know how to say Thank You enough for being there and supporting us every step of the way.




Shrunk Waist 3 ½ inches and got 500 percent Stronger

Who Is Alpha Kettlebell For?

The Alpha Kettlebell Fitness Program is for fat loss newbies AND fitness enthusiasts  who wish to (check all that apply):

  • Incinerate Body Fat using kettlebell workouts that are so advanced they look easy on paper
  • Get Continual Progress Alpha Kettlebell Fitness is a service to help you get in and stay in phenomenal shape FOREVER!
  • Achieve Impressive Amounts of performance muscle that will keep your metabolism revving at HIGH speed all day long
  • Become a part of a Community of highly motivated people all set on helping each  other be the BEST They Can BE!
  • Avoid Beating your body to a pulp with crazy and long workouts designed for 18 year olds
  • Radically Challenge their performance capabilities with short intense workouts that will maximize the fat loss afterburn
  • Gain Access to the Never Fails Fat Loss Nutrition Program that uses same simple tactics Grandmother would recommend.
  • Get Exposed to fast action kettlebell workouts that target every angle of your body to help you become stronger, leaner, and more flexible SIMULTANEOUSLY!
  • Improve Energy Levels and have a Stress Proof Armor Plated Action Ready Body
  • Unleash Your Workouts from boring and monotonous kettlebell exercises and experience the calorie burning FLOW of Alpha Kettlebell fitness workouts
  • Create a LEAN and VIGOROUS Body at ANY age and ANY fitness level
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What The Pro’s Say…
JoshTest“There are a lot of coaches out there simply teaching circus trick exercises, or the same old tired routines. What really separates Troy Anderson in the industry is his unique ability to provide effective, challenging, and innovative training programs. While many say they do this, you can see by the awesome results Troy is able to achieve in a short amount of time that his programs truly do rise to the top.

I am excited about his new Alpha Kettlebell program. It is one of the few programs that takes people through start to finish and have a well thought progressional system that guarantees that anyone that follows it will be achieving their fitness potential.”

Josh Henkin

CSCS-Creator of the Ultimate Sandbag Core Training System

KathyTest“I have known Troy Anderson for a few years, and I always felt that we were like minded about training our clients. I am the kind of person who loves to learn from people I feel are outstanding strength coaches and Troy is one of these outstanding coaches!

Troy has taken the time to provide fantastic program design to help achieve your goals, but you must remember, it begins with you, the client.

Troy will help you succed!”

Kathy Martinez



Alpha Kettlebell Superstar

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


If you for any reason don’t like this program and you feel it is not right for you, then simply drop me an email to support [at] kettlebellfatlosstraining.com and I’ll make sure we refund you in full as speedily as we can.

There is no funky get out, weasel clause that means you won’t get your money back.

You can go through the entire 2 month program and still get your money back!

Frequently Asked Questions
What if can’t afford a kettlebell?

This isn’t the right program for you, right now. Save up some cash and get one that is going to push and challenge your training, don’t buy the $10 cheap kettlebell at Target, it’s not worth it!

Is Alpha Kettlebell really a better home workout program than P90X, Insanity, etc…?

Short answer YES!

Let me give you a couple reason why, when you unleash the power of accessibiliy of the kettlebell and how it can help you attain every traning goal you want accomplish (fat loss, flexibility, stamina, strength, power, etc…) when you combine this accessibility with the Alpha Kettlebell workout, you’ll experience the true beauty of what training with kettlebells is all about.

What makes Alpha Kettlebell the Best kettlebell program in America?

It really comes down to this at Alpha Kettlebell we BELIEVE the kettlebell is a dynamic tool that can help get you ‘there’ wherever that might be for you.

We are not about doing ‘kettle-robics’, ‘kettle-beat down’, or even using the kettlebell as a ‘gateway tool’ to get you to heavy deadlifts.

It’s about living, growing, and achieving your goals in the sweet spot of accessibility that kettlebells provide.

That’s why we believe we are the best, we taken the basic and made them better, the American Way; and applied them is ‘real live’ training sessions to everyday folks like you and even some athlete’s too.

What if I am orthopedically limited and can’t do certain kettlebell exercises?  

Yep. This IS a potential issue for some people

That’s why you are join us, so we can help you and avoid guess work of out of picking the right substitution. Heck it might be something as simple a getting some technique coaching in the Exercise Library.

Will I only be doing kettlebell swings in the program?


There a lot of swing only challenge ‘programs’ out there, Alpha Kettlbell is NOT one of them.

One of core beliefs at AKF is that the kettlebell can do so much more than be locked in the dogma of swing, clean & press, and Turkish Getups.

We feel that kinda of dogma and rigidity, extremely under-values what the kettlebell is capable of.

Do I Need To Do Cardio?

No, if you do the AKF phases in proper order and follow the nutrition plan you will get fantastic results, without wasting time doing cardio. You can find a new hobby or another productive way to spend you time like interacting with other kettlebell fanatics in the Alpha Kettlebell Forum

Each AKF phase has built-in ‘Smoke-Sessions’ where you will get more than your share of cardio. If you need more than is programmed in your phase just jump in the Alpha Kettlebell Forum and ask.

Does Alpha Kettlebell Come With A Nutrition Plan?


You’ll be able to download the ‘never fail’ Elimination Diet by Dax Moy this the program that we use with our live coaching clients and it never fails. Once you become a member you can download the entire pdf manual.

If you want to take it to another level we recommend the Whole30 or Get Lean Project for emergency fat loss results!

What should I do for my other workouts during this week?


Each AKF phase has at least 2 full-body training days plus at least 1 smoke session.

If you really need something jump in the AKF forum and ask and we can give recommendations regarding your specific instance.

If you reallly MUST do something then we would recommend some recovery work, aka, stretching, foam roller, yoga, meditation, etc…

How will I know when to change workouts?

We recommend most people start in the Fast Start Program and progress to the next phase approximately every 30 days, until you reach the Chaos program.

Once you reach the Chaos Program there will be plenty of other diverse paths you will be able to take successfully as you will have developed a solid base during the first 4 phases of the program.

Where Do I Start?

You will start with Fast Start program where you will master the key foundational kettlebell movement, the ‘hip hinge’. Along with other base movements that will accelerate your sucess in future phases.

Don’t be fooled just because it is titled ‘Fast Start’ doesn’t mean it is an easy program, you will burn plenty of calories in this phase, we promise.

Where Do I Stop?

Never, we hope.

We want to be your all-time trusted resource for outstanding kettlebell training and to help you reach the many diverse goals you may have.

If you want a certain type of program to achieve a certain type of goals just ask, we may be developing it already or we will do our best to get it out there for you as there will probably be other like you in the Alpha Kettlebell Community

What size of kettlebell should I use?

See the complete sizing recommendation chart below

I Really Need Accountability and Support?

That is exactly why we built the Alpha Kettlebell Forum to give you accountability and support beyond your workouts.

This a place where success tips, recipes, and all things in our lives beyond the training room will be, Heck we may even throw in a few challenges or contests just to keep it interesting, of course with some cool prizes for the winners.

Who’s it not for? Kettlebell Nazi, powerlifter, or O-lifter

You probably have come to this site but just in case you have, you will always welcome if you want to come on board, share and be part of the team.

You are NOT welcome if you want to come talk shit, make fun of, or try to get people to do things ‘your better way’, if that’s the case please stay away, and don’t come in and try to screw up our community of cool well meaning folks, otherwise you might get MORE than you ask for

Average Results

I must make you aware that the AVERAGE results are approximately ZERO… That’s right ZERO.

We can do everything in our power to encourage you to complete the training program in FULL… and doing so will result in better results than any other training program you’ve followed in the same time frame. However many people simply sign up for these types of program expecting magic to occur, weight to fall off them with out needing any action, and see miraculous changes in body shape without ever doing anything different.

Don’t be that person. When you register for Alpha Kettlebell, be the type of person that is not average, takes full 100% action and commits to the program IN FULL, and gets the spectacular results.

When you do, we’d love to hear from you.

Your Investment Today is…

Then Just $19/Month

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More Alpha Kettlebell System Success Stories
DanMy name is Dan Hall ,I am 48 years old.

I purchased Troy Anderson Meltdown Kettlebell training-two systems total fat loss program one and a half years ago. I have been using the program faithfully since. I am in excellent condition and shape.

With this program I am able to keep my body fat percentage to down to 10 percent. I enjoy the variation in the programs. I highly recommend the online workouts. They always give a challenging workout. Keeps the positive gains coming.

Thank You Troy.

Faithful User. Dankbman Dan Hall

Dan Hall

48 yr Old 500lb Deadlifter Loves Alpha KB

Thomas1When the transformation contest was announced at 1st I was hesitant. I had already started the KB Meltdown, but I also got a bench press bug so I was simultaneously starting a bench program to bring my bench back up.

My goal in the bench was, for this phase, +375, I got 405.

I hope there will be another one, maybe combined with Josh and sandbags! Win or lose I feel great!



Getting Stronger and Losing Inches


Kylie1 Kyliestats